Peter Blenkinsop – ManYana Ltd.

Achieving tomorrow, today.

I retired from my role as headteacher of an outstanding 11 – 18 secondary mainstream London Comprehensive school to start an educational consultancy company focusing on training teachers and supporting school improvement.

The school was a very challenging school and we were very proud to have improved, under my leadership, to gain Outstanding from Ofsted in 2008. I owe a great debt to the school staff, students and parents who were fantastically supportive of our aims.

One comment, often made by visitors was, “Are there any children in school?” As we walked the corridors the calm and quiet was palpable. How we achieved that, how you might, is a secret I reveal as part of most of my training programmes.

The programmes the company, ManYana Ltd, run are detailed on this website and there is a link on the main page. I also create bespoke programmes at an individual school’s request.

I work with all school, mainstream, special and independent, primary and secondary.

I would be pleased to explain what I can offer you.



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