A list of issues with VAK

Why is it important to continue to challenge folk who have some support for VAK and generally any of the 70, according to Coffield et al, other learning styles constructions?

A list, which I may add too or you may suggest additions to:

It has no experimental validity. Matching teaching to learning styles just does not work

It may cause some harm by denying the learner the opportunity to access learning by other methods. Hey you! Kinaesthetic boy, come and sort these cards.

It wastes time. Time teachers spend on being trained in the system of identification.

It wastes time. Time teachers spend trying to create VAK materials. I tried really hard to create kinaesthetic ways to teach simultaneous equations.

It wastes time for trainers to create materials to train teachers.

It wastes time buying and reading all the publications that support teachers in developing their VAK expertise.

It is insulting to give a degree-level profession untested and incorrect ways of working.

It, and this is probably number 1 for me, validates a system that says we can simply label children to decide how to teach them.

It identifies learners as being fundamentally different from other learners when we know that learning is essentially the same process for the vast majority of children.


There will be more…

I hear and I forget – that thing!

I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand. - Confucius

This quote may be from Confucius although it is sometimes attributed to others.

It is, though, at best misleading and used to justify activity rather than what actually needs to be actualised for learning.

To learn we need to think. The more we think and the different ways in which we think about something is the clue to securing a memory.

It would be better written as:

I hear and then think about what I have heard and I learn

I see and think about what I have seen and I learn

I do and I might get distracted by the doing.

Not quite as snappy as the original, sadly. Is Confucius on Twitter?