My Electric Car

I have owned a fully electric car for a couple of months. Driven just over 1000 miles and I thought it would be good to write a brief piece about how I feel about it now and how the charging works etc.

Buying an electric car is not cheap – the battery costs a big chunk but this is expected to dramatically drop as more are produced and technology usually makes such things less expensive. But I also have a small desire to cause less environmental damage. There are other reasons for changing to all electric from ICE, internal combustion engine, cars and other vehicles. You can even buy electric <name any transport>! The cost of the fuel – kilowatt hours for an electric car compared to diesel or petrol. I can fill my electric car for just over £3. 64kW x 5p/kWh = £3.20. That will take me at least 250 miles. My previous SUV cost way over that to fill, something like £70 and that took me about 500 miles. Pretty easy to see how the cost advantage is with the electric car. Something like 10 times cheaper per mile!

Charging, fuelling, an electric car is not the same as fuelling an ICE car – and I don;t mean the type of fuel it uses but the way one adds kWh over time. With an ICE car I used to run it until it was about one quarter full and then I’d fill it up at the garage. Took about 5 minutes plus the drive to and from the garage.

But with my electric car I plug it in at home. It charges overnight using low cost electrical energy. I use a company called Octopus energy who, I must say, are delightful. Great customer service. You have to have a smart meter installed,type 2. And you need a device which channels the electricity to the car. I use a device called a ZAPPI from Myenergie. All pretty simple.

I have also charged for free in a local car park while my wife and I go shopping for an hour. She shops and I trail along behind. Where car you legally get free petrol?

I have not yet travelled on a long journey. Lockdown etc. But if I was going to travel to, say, Bristol where I work with some schools how would i do it? Charge the car fully overnight and drive the 150 miles or so. I’d then have to stop on the way back at one of the increasing number of chargers for 30 mins or so to top up the battery to be able to get back. As far as I know all motorway service stations have chargers, more expensive than my home overnight charging but still cheaper than petrol. There are some really fast chargers that can fill my Kia E-Niro from empty to 100% in just over an hour. But one does not need to fill it up, just put enough energy in to get home with some to spare. There really are chargers all over the place and the network is growing. Just take a look at YouTube where folk take you through journeys across the UK.

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