Meet me three times.

Knock three times

Three times a lady

Meet me three times

More of me learning bridge but this is about learning much more than it is about the card game, bridge.

There is an idea, a very good idea which teachers should try to make happen, that we need to meet an idea at least 3 times and in three different contexts. We then need to take part in activities that allow this newly “learned” idea to be well practised. For our thinking to be challenged as a learner. This structure is what we mean by “planning the learning”.

In my bridge career, all six months of it, so far I have been taught stuff, read the same stuff and watched youtube videos about the stuff. I have experienced it on three different occasions in 3 different contexts, heard, read and watched. Each has presented the material in slightly different ways and these differences are part of the challenge we need to learn well. I have to “marry up” these differences – are they important? Making that “importance” decision is what allows our brains to link the “new” learning to what we already know. Just knowing stuff is of little value. What makes knowledge worth having is the kinking of that knowledge to other knowledge. We begin the journey to understanding.