Google Docs

I know why lots of folk do not see Google Docs as a real alternative to using WORD, or even Open Office. I have used all of these in my time, and many other document producers.

Why I am I such a fan?
I like so much about Google Docs that this could just turn into a long list. So, here are the most valuable bits for me:
It’s free, and I like free.
My files are available wherever I can logon to a computer with internet access. It means I do not have to use pen drives or any other form of portable disc drive. The version I use in Bristol is the same as I use in London.
The changes I make in one place, geographical place, are immediately stored and are now available when I next logon. I get a great idea, make the change in Bristol and when I get to London I do not have to remember to then upload the new version.
Sharing documents. I try not to email documents nowadays. I send a link. “So what?”, I can hear you say. I have very good hearing! Well, if I send the link, then make a change to the document when you read the document you always get the latest version. Super, ‘cos I do make the occasional spelling and grammar mistakes, typos I call them. 😎
I can create and use my own templates. Relatively new in Google Docs.
I don’t need to use much fancy stuff so Google Docs is fine for me. I bet you don;t really have to use all the functions in WORD! You just like them there, “Just in case you need to use them”.
What do I not like?
Lots of things but nothing that stops me using Google Docs.
Do I worry about Google having access, potentially to my stuff. Not really. If I were the Prime Minister then I might. I guess I would be a little more secure if I could password and encrypt documents. But I would probably not do it, just be a feature to use, “In case I needed to”.