Programmes, INSET and Training

DTP Triangle (2)Programme for improving teachers to at least good.

 DTP Triangle (3)

Programme for Excellent (or nudging excellence) teachers who want to understand Excellence and to be able to work with others for their improvement.

3 days OR 6 half days

 DTP Triangle (4)

Programme for leaders, at any level, to explore their leadership with a view to improving from wherever you are currently. You may already be excellent so your move is to excellent plus. If you have just been appointed to a leadership role, senior, subject, faculty, year, key stage, etc and you want to secure quality leadership practices and understanding. There are two programmes, one for those in or shortly moving to Senior Leadership in schools and a second for all others, including classroom teachers as leaders.

4.5 full days or 1 full day and 7 half days

DTP Triangle (5)

Programme to support your knowledge and understanding of your school, department, year, etc

Know your school, for real. This programme is a one-day introduction where you will tour your school, faculty, department, key stage, year group to see what lessons are really like. We do not observe teachers and this is in no way judgemental on teachers. We look at learning in classrooms and the culture and consistency in a very simple way.

1 full day of which half will involve short visits to a number of lessons.

DTP Triangle (6)

Programme to learn how to action plan to improve learning in an area you lead.

A sister programme to KYS. Called AAP, An Action Plan, we jointly create an action plan for you to implement to improve on classroom learning based on what we have seen during the KYS stage. One day duration with a half day follow up to check how well your plan is working

1 full day which involves visiting lessons where your action plan has, hopefully, had some positive effect. We will then modify your action plan from the evidence from these visits.

DTP Triangle (7)

Programme to support the joint development of three teachers.

An Improvement Triad, AIT. Three teachers who will work together to support each other for improvement. The triad will be coached for success in planning, delivery and assessment. This is for teachers who need some more intensive support to improve their current practice. The school must believe that these teachers are capable of improving, but perhaps their rate of improvement is currently too slow.

6 days over a half term with up to 2 hours on each day after school to plan the next observed lesson.

  • AIT – An Improvement Triad


I can also create bespoke teaching and learning improvement programmes and Leadership Development programmes to suit your needs. Shorter or longer or for different groups within your school. Please ask.