Driving my Electric Car

In the first post I described how much I liked my Kia e-niro. But what is it like to drive?

The e-niro fully electric car is simpler to drive than a conventional ICE, internal combustion engine, car. It has a keyless start system – just get in the car with the key in your pocket and foot on the brake and press the ‘start’ button. The car goes through a system check with a pretty graphic and a few bleeps. By the time I have put the seat belt on the car is ready to go. It insists you agree to drive safely by confirming with a touch to the touch screen. (You can ignore this agreement.)

The first thing is that the car is silent. It is an odd sensation as it does not feel as if it is ready to drive – but it is. The drive selector has three settings. Rotate to the left and we are in reverse, to the right and drive is selected. The middle position is park.

Select reverse and the really clear rear camera shows a good wide view of the rear behind the car. It is tempting to rely on this too much and at the moment I also check by looking left and right. The car drive is completely smooth – there are no gear changes as there would be on a conventional automatic transmission vehicle. The electric motor has amazing torque which is the same at low speed as it is at high speed. The same acceleration from start as there is at 60 mph. It really does move. The only car noise is road and wind noise and the first thing my wife commented on was the smoothness of the ride.

At low speeds, up to about 30 mph the car has a generated sound whooshing noise which is meant to warn pedestrians as there is no engine noise. It works and I frequently see the puzzled looks of pedestrians as the space ship type noise accompanies the car’s travel.

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