Clever Teachers and Clever Parents

This new book written by 2 experienced teachers, one an ex-headteacher of an outstanding school and the other a head of English who has consistently been seen as outstanding by his school and Ofsted, is of value to parents trying to understand how their child is being taught.

The book avoids the hidden language some schools use to describe their learning processes, or where this is required is explained with examples so that you will be able to understand how great teachers plan, deliver and assess learning.

This is the first book in a series planned to cover over 250 techniques teachers use to enable your child to learn. The more you understand what is behind this teaching the better you will be able to support your child. You will know what the clever teacher is trying to get your child to think about and why your child may be complaining that the teacher is not explaining properly! Learning is hard work and great learning requires effort from the learner. This book explains why.

It is available from Amazon as an ebook and as a paperback.

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