SLT Driven Behaviour Management

This is the third blog in the behaviour management series. Blog 1 here. Blog 2 here.

What’s in it for me?

I am assuming you are considering an SLT run behaviour management system and moving away from the, common, expectation that each individual teacher is responsible for managing the misbehaviour in their lessons – common in secondary schools.

What advantages are there and why should we add to SLT workload

  • Massive reduction in teacher workload and stress. Teachers are not handing over the behaviour of the children in their lessons to some remote behaviour management system. Each teacher is responsible for delivering lessons that enable all children to learn as well as possible.

  • There is a common and consistent system of behaviour management across the school. It does not depend on the capability of individual teachers to entice their children into behaving. There is no need for 3 strikes and you are out type systems. Though I do like the “names on the board system” for recording low-level disruption. It works!

  • Teachers are trusted. They simply have to identify misbehaviour that is stopping others learning and they know it will be dealt with and they do not then have to weigh up their need to be planning and giving a detention.

  • Children know they are in an organised system where the expectations are clear. They will have heard them in an assembly and had good as well as poor behaviour explicitly modelled.

  • SLT has a visibly direct link to what happens in a classroom. They are seen every day showing how important classrooms are in the school. Actions speak louder than words. Schools are fundamentally about what happens in lessons, not what goes on in offices and in meetings!

  • Central detentions work. A child who does not attend knows that people with time, SLT, will catch up with them the next day. Kids know teachers are busy teaching and non-contact time for teachers is precious.

  • Corridors are supervised by touring SLT. And SLT gets to see all classrooms. A real plus.

  • Misbehaviour reduces dramatically! That benefits all and learning increases. Who does not want that? Surely, that is the core of your mission statement? If not, why not?!!

  • It is a very easy system to implement. Announce and explain in assemblies then just get into the corridors and classrooms and do it.

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