Twitter for Teachers

Twitter, a micro-blogging service.

I have been using Twitter for less than a year now and I was quite suspicious and not convinced that it would be at all useful. One of my ex colleagues said, “You on Twitter! That’s for celebrities to say what they had for breakfast”.
That is true but with Twitter you choose who to listen to and who to talk to. If you want to know what someone calling themselves Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, had for breakfast, you can. I don’t make that choice.
I prefer to link up, read the Tweets, you I know it is twee, of folk who seem to me have something to offer.
As the cat, Jess, is now lying on my hand on the keyboard I will stop and when she gets off, what a life our cats have, I’ll add another blog. I want to explore why teachers might want to use Twitter.
Back in a while. Sometimes she sleeps for an hour…