I keep finding stuff.

Sorry but this has a context of bridge, the card game I am currently learning, again. But just trust/ignore the bridge specific stuff. As always I am writing about learning.

I learn bridge in a number of different ways. I want to explain two of these.

First, I watch YouTube videos and pause the video to think about what I would bid before seeing what the experts would do. I feel no pressure to choose a bid/pass when the video is paused. Why do I say such an apparently silly and obvious thing?

My second way is by playing live in the bridge club. When the cards get dealt and I check and think about my bid I am very aware of the other three players waiting for me. I feel a bit more pressure to come to a conclusion about bidding/passing when the game is “live”. This pressure is good as it changes the context of the learning.

We need to change the context of learning for our children in school. It presents what appears to be the same challenge but because of the context change, the thinking is, at least, slightly different, in each context.

Small changes, seating position, live presenting or video of the teacher, even questions from a textbook or from a worksheet can be enough for very new learners.


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