Notes, not quite clear enough.

Again, this is not really about bridge, but is about learning. This is about how to set challenge.

I just re-read some notes I had made on a bridge bidding that my personal bridge tutor had talked me through. My personal tutor is a really good player at my current bridge club. He is a great bridge player but does sometimes present me with a challenge too far. I am not sure that his teaching technique is intentional but my attitude, I really want to learn, and his less structured teaching provides challenge.

As teachers, I think we can use what happens intentionally to better support learning in our children.

The notes I re-read had gaps, were not linear and were hard to read and understand. Not so hard that I gave up but hard enough, because of their lack of clarity, so that I hard to think a lot about what they meant.

Think hard – that should attract you as a teacher. If we can make our children think hard, about the stuff that matters, then we will be supporting their learning.

So the trick is to provide children with notes that are not complete, are a little less clear than one might believe, and have them work on those with a highly positive attitude to learning.

That might also apply to our teaching. Make the explanations a little less clear so that children have to think hard to make sense and make meaning.

Minor challenge for you to get the clarity balance right.

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