Why teaching to learning styles works

It is probably for a few reasons.


First, you will have had to think carefully about what you are teaching and how students might respond to each different ‘presentation’. Thinking about learning is probably a good idea for a teacher.

Second, you will have planned the learning, and not just planned the lesson. Although you will have focussed more on the activities. Better is to place more effort into the learning process that students will go through than to pay detailed attention to the activities they will undertake. It is a balance.

Third, you will be presenting the material in more than one way. These differences may well ‘click’ with different students. This is most likely dependent on their prior knowledge and/or what they are more easily motivated by.

Fourth, you may well be presenting information in two formats which meet the requirements for dual processing.

That is probably it.

But what it is not doing is meeting the child’s learning style. There is no evidence that doing that works.

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