Traffic Lights – Thanks to Joanne Lloyd

I have attached the powerpoint from my lesson to show the slides that were shared with the pupils.  My aim was independent learning and self/peer assessment tasks throughout.
This was lesson 1 at the start of a topic not covered by pupils before at KS4.  Year 11 mixed ability Additional Science GCSE. (A*-F pupils).

Pupils were given objectives called plan your progress (with increasing difficulty)  for the lesson and asked to traffic light them according to their current knowledge, green showed v. good knowledge, yellow some knowledge but more needed and red was to show no currrent/previous knowledge.  

Pupils were then given A3 paper and a list of titles to research/find out about. Some titles were chosen to not have a straight answer in the book but require working out and thinking about. Peer assessment followed, pupils asked to swap summary sheets and for each section peer assess what has been written and see if it could be added to/worded better/be improved? 

Each peer wrote post it improvements and fed their comments back to their partner.  Once pupils had their sheets back they then revisited the plan your progress and traffic lighted again (either with colour again or with the word red/yellow/green) pupils then completed the feedback points for homework and we used the sheets in future lessons to refer to. (additional plenary to assess the task – for assessment of me really, was also carried out)  Powerpoint that Joanne Used  Joanne’s lesson plan

Comments would be good.

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