Clever Heads of Department/Faculty/ Subject

If you’re reading this you might already be familiar with the CPD Education Programmes that Peter and Scott have been involved with for over a decade (OTP, ETP, ITP).

As a fairly experienced Head of English (a few years ago) I felt there was little needed to learn from a couple of Wednesday afternoons away from my classroom. I have never been so wrong. Peter and his team reminded all the participants (through often gruelling thinking and practical exercises) the fundamental importance of making all decisions in a school be centred around ‘Learning’.

Just start with your own Departments and ask them to define what words like ‘challenge’ and ‘planning’ mean in their own daily jobs? It doesn’t take long to see that the ‘business’ we’re all in has too many experienced colleagues not exactly demonstrating excellence on an hourly basis. Or – they face the difficulties of not being able to articulate their own methods to staff.

SDP, SIMPLE, ‘Models’, and FAST WORDS to name a few have changed my whole approach to teaching and working with my own colleagues.

I’ve been lucky to work with Peter as a facilitator and participant. ‘Clever Teachers’ explores and collects together some of the main methods/ideas used by us in further detail. There’s no need to leave your classroom again?

Please invite Peter into your school to discuss some of the pages from ‘Clever Teachers’. I have! Or… buy this book that explains the tried and trusted techniques that have changed the learning lives of thousands of pupils and teachers. Better still – do both!

Available as a paperback or for your Kindle:

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