Buying “Clever Teachers” Reason 1

Why you, a teacher, would want this book.

We have created a great book for all teachers. We identified the tips and techniques that we taught to our many cohorts of really brilliant teachers on our many Excellent Teacher Programme (ETP) training courses. To share those ideas with you, we wrote this, the first book of a planned series of five.

How can you benefit from this book?

As an individual teacher you would be dipping into this book, it is not linear and you will select the particular chapter, tip, to work on. There are plenty to choose from. This is not a theory-heavy book, though theory backs each chapter’s content. Each idea has been tested by our excellent teachers and given their seal of approval.

We explain what the development is and how you might want to implement it in your classroom.

We do suggest that you try to carry on with any new teaching and learning technique for a decent time as new ideas will generally present you with what is called the “implementation dip”, a reduction in performance until you have adapted your thinking, planning and your learners’ acceptance and understanding of the changed ways of working. Unless what you are trying is disastrous, then keep at it! These techniques work and will improve your teaching and your children’s learning.

The paperback and Kindle ebook are available from Amazon.

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