I thought I’d make a list

Prompted by a blog post by @learningspy I thought I would write a list, in order of importance, to define my purpose for education.

In David’s post, he was exploring intelligent accountability and moving towards a position of individual accountability. While I like the trust in teachers that this implies I don’t think one can start from there. I don’t see how one could accept a teacher both defining what their accountability is and how they will achieve that in an institution. Purposes for education are very varied and I can’t imagine leading a school that openly expresses a completely disparate value set. I know that whatever value set I define will not be held by all the teachers, and other adults, in the school. But I will be holding folk accountable to the stated aims of the school. I know I am using aims, values and purpose as interchangeable.

So my ordered list would be:

a fairly traditional curriculum with a fairly standard organisational structure

high academic outcomes, using a value added measure

annual improvement in these outcomes

a challenging curriculum

positive staff who improve annually

a positive student atmosphere

evidenced-based practice

I could add other things but off the top of my head that would be it. I guess lots of you would be somewhat critical. Go ahead. Comments always welcome.

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