Feedback using PEF – more effective and slightly less time consuming

I think I have just thought of this but it may be I have read it on Twitter. Probably I have constructed it from the subliminal messages that Twitter feeds into my brain while I am reading something else.

My apologies if I have stolen your idea. If you are fussed then I’ll either credit you or delete this – but only after I have given my mum a copy!

You have to read through the work the children have done and I would suggest that you add some kind of a comment, or rubber stamp to evidence that you have seen the work. You know why…

But label is with a title like, “Peer Evaluated Feedback.” PEF – we like three letter things in education.

What is a PEF?

As you read through the work note the errors. This will be subject dependent and tick an error that has already been noted. If you are really clever then you can note and tick the errors on your laptop so the next phase is almost done.

At the end of the pile of books, that you have really only scanned to collect errors, you will have a list of the errors made which you can print out for your students. Each students gets all the errors – not just their own.

In class the next day they then work through the error list with their own books and a friend, partner, neighbour or whatever and they try to identify the errors, from the list you have given them, in their own work. They correct the errors. They then do the same for their partner’s book.

Seems like a good idea to me – and my mum said it was a great idea. She is a little biased.

Tell me how you get on.

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