Solo and learning things

Learning things is to be replaced with learning outcomes, learning objectives WALT or whatever you use.

I have gone in and out of wanting to have LOs written *and* shared with students. My problem is the sharing bit. The “O” needs to be written/presented in such a way that it is understandable by students. The “O” is originally the probably quite complex idea that the teacher has about what students will learn. If you are not clear what I am saying here then email me and I’ll explain further. Essentially presenting lOs to students may mean dumbing down the LO to make it accessible.

BUT solo gives us a way to write objectives that are useful to students. I think because solo verbs allow a more task-type orientation they are more likely to be helpful to students and because solo has a levelled outcome structure they are useful for assessment purposes. Double win!

An example off the top of my head. (It would be clever if I gave an example based on hairdressing here.)

Solo level        Topic is speed, distance and time in physics

Prestructural    –        I don’t really know anything about this topic other than general knowledge

Unistructural    –        I can define one factor from speed/distance/time OR I can describe
                                one or all factors

Multistructural  –       I  can define speed. I know what distance is. I know what time is measured in.

Relational 1      –       I know speed = distance / time

Relational 2      –       I know that if speed increases more distance is covered in the same time

Relational 3      –       I know that speed depends on time and distance. I know I can travel
                                at 60 mph without having to travel for one hour

Extended Abstract     I can use my understanding of speed, distance and time to realise what is
                                 happening in a distance time graph

I think that one probably has to have more than one relational stage before students can move to EA. I’d be very happy to hear what you think about that idea.

But this is quite a lot to write up on the board so it does lead on to think electronic presentation, or something…

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