More on Twitter for teachers

Twitter for Teachers

This post will be a list. I like lists. Easy to write…
As a teacher you should be on Twitter because:
  • It is a communication device and teaching is about communication
  • Your students may well be on Twitter and it is good to know what they know
  • Other teachers from your school may be on Twitter
  • Teachers from other schools may be on Twitter
  • Teachers from other schools in other countries may be on Twitter
  • You converse with the ideas not with the person. The teacher you may be following (Twitter term for reading their posts) may be an NQT, or an Ex Headteacher, or me! You can think about the idea, not the personality.
  • You can say something dumb and it does not stick. You can ask the “silly” question you would never ask, face to face. “How do you use KS3 results to estimate GCSE results?”
  • You can create a network of folk you enjoy communicating with. You also then can link with their network. This can get a bit big!!
  • You can unfollow someone. They don’t Tweet stuff that interests you, so you just click unfollow. Happens all the time.
  • You can ask for help, advice, or just ideas.
  • You only have 140 characters, including spaces so you have to encapsulate your idea. A good skill.
  • You can try out a wacky idea and see what happens.
  • You can repost, retweet, someone else’s interesting idea, or resource, or website link.
  • You can attach a link to a picture. (To show what you had for breakfast)
There are many more ideas and reasons for teacher to Twitter.
If you sign up to Twitter and you want someone gentle to follow then I post as @peterbbb1
Hope to see you there, sometime. Hello, Jess. Want to lie down on my arm again?

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