Learn Quotes

Some people will never learn anything because they understand everything too soon.

Alexander Pope (1688 – 1744)

Personally I’m always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught.

Sir Winston Churchill (1874 – 1965)

We learn something every day, and lots of times it’s that what we learned the day before was wrong.

Bill Vaughan

You must learn from the mistakes of others. You can’t possibly live long enough to make them all yourself.

Sam Levenson (1911 – 1980)

The man who insists on seeing with perfect clearness before he decides, never decides.

Henri-Frédéric Amiel

That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way.

Doris Lessing

For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.

Aristotle (384 BC – 322 BC) 

It is no profit to have learned well, if you neglect to do well.

Publilius Syrus (~100 BC)

First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.

Epictetus (55 AD – 135 AD)

What is important is to keep learning, to enjoy challenge, and to tolerate ambiguity. In the end there are no certain answers.

Martina Horner, President of Radcliffe College

Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life.

Dr. David M. Burns

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